2002 Salt Lake City


Fifth International Conference

The Fifth International Conference offered participants exciting new research taking place in the field, the unique challenges investigators and prosecutors are now facing, and what others are doing in their community to educate and prevent SBS/AHT.

A pre-conference Prevention Institute highlighted a new crying campaign, "The Period of PURPLE Crying" to educate parents and professionals on coping with a crying infant. Presented by Dr. Ronald Barr, MDCM, FRCPC, and Karen Coleman, parent representative, this program gave new meaning to the word “Colic”, and help for parents who deal with inconsolable crying. Dr. Barr's research explores infant crying patterns and explains what is normal and expected, as well as dispels myths about crying. Karen spoke on the trials of being a new parent with an inconsolable crying infant. She discussed her trigger points, her feelings and the challenges she faced during this time in her baby's life.